All Poker Hand Rankinds and Poker Hand Probabilities

If you’re just getting started playing online poker, you’re probably looking for ways to improve your game and maximize your winnings. You will find many useful bits of advice here that will help you move quickly towards your goal of being a Poker master. In fact, here’s the best possible online poker strategy to keep in mind as a beginner: make sure to know all poker hands back and forth. Just memorizing them isn’t quite enough; you have to be so familiar with all the poker hand rankings that you can determine your odds at a glance.

Read through this article for the most effective and actionable advice you can get at this point, along with a lost of all poker hands. We made sure to include poker hand probabilities in 5-card poker games like Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Hopefully, knowing all poker hand rankings as well as your odds of getting a certain poker hand will help you keep things in perspective and make a better decision when you’re playing poker.

All Poker Hand Rankings Are Listed Here For Your Reference

  1. Royal Straight Flush: A + K + Q + J + 10, all in the same suit. This is the highest possible poker hand, and it’s absolutely unbeatable since it’s mathematically impossible to have two royal straight flushes in a single round of poker. The probability of being dealt a Royal Straight Flush is 0.00015%, so you’ll be lucky if you’re ever part of a game where this hand is played – that is only 1,5 times for every million hands!
  2. Straight Flush – Any sequence of five suited cards, provided the highest card in the sequence isn’t an Ace, otherwise it would be a Royal Straight Flush. The probability of being dealt this hand is 0.00138%, meaning its occurrence is also extremely rare – you’ll only see it being dealt 13,8 times for every million poker hands played in your presence,
  3. Four of a Kind – The combination of all four suits of a specific card, the highest possible combination being of course all four Aces. The probability of being dealt this hand is 0.02401%, which is about 240 times for every million hands.
  4. Full House – A combination of three of a kind plus any pair; in case more than one player gets a Full House, the player with the highest three of a kind wins – and if that doesn’t settle the winner, the player also holding he highest pair takes the pot. Probabilities for Full House are around =0.14405%, or 1,440 times for every million hands.
  5. Flush – A set of five random cards in the same suit, without any particular sequence. In case of a tie, the player with the highest card overall takes the pot; the odds of getting a flush are 0.19654% which translates to 1,965 times for every million hands, or roughly once in five hands.
  6. Straight – A sequence of five cards with different suits (otherwise it would be a straight flush); in case more than one player gets a straight, the player with the highest cards overall will take the pot. Getting a straight is relatively common, happening in about 0.39246% of all hands played in Poker, about once for every
  7. Three of a Kind – As the name suggests, this is a set with the same card in three different suit. In case there is more than one player holding three of a kind, ties are broken in favor of the player holding the highest card. Three of a kinds are dealt in 2,1% of all poker hands, which is the same as saying once in every 50 hands.
  8. Two Pairs – As you may imagine, this is indeed a set of two different pairs. This combination is deal in 4,7% of all poker hands played; in case of a tie the pot is won by the player with the highest pair, that’s almost once in every 20 hands!
  9. Pair – A single pair the same card in two different suits; this is a typical occurrence in Poker, happening in about 42% of all games – that’s nearly every other hand.
  10. High Card – If none of the above hands are dealt in a game of Poker, the game is won by the player who happens to hold the highest cards.

Make sure to memorize and internalize these poker hands until they become second nature. Playing online casino poker can be extremely fun and even profitable, provided you know what you’re doing. One of the most fundamental skills in poker is having an extremely quick grasp of all poker hands and their associated odds.