What are the Best Betting Strategies for Casino Games and Online Slots

Although there are many UK online casino gamblers who believe that slots are very easy to play, this is only half true when you consider the manual aspect. You need to be strategic if you wish to reap the most from slot games. Failure of understanding how you can win at online slots might lead to negative assumptions. The fact that you will find online slots flashy and loud does not mean that they are easy to beat.

There are different strategies that will help you maximise your online casino games winning chances, including:

Betting the Maximum without Going Broke

When it comes to online slots, there are two things to put into consideration. First, determine the amount each coin should be worth and how many coins you need to bet. What you should remember is that, although betting a single £1 coin seems similar to betting four £0.25, the latter will definitely offer you better chances of winning since you will have multiplied the chances.

This is because slot machines give the same payout for either one, two or three coins and your winnings will get multiplied by 1,2 or 3 respectively. Also, big jackpots of either the regular or progressive jackpots get triggered once you spin the reels for the full amount. This means that you get to play with better odds when you bet maximum coins.

Choose a Fixed Maximum Payout

Some online video slots come with a fixed maximum payout while others use progressive jackpots that work by using a meter that raises the jackpot with every game a gambler plays without returns. This means that the more people gamble them, the higher the jackpot gets. Although progressive games might appear more appealing due to the high returns attached to them, they come with a big disadvantage. Most online casinos link all the progressive games together which lowers your chances of winning on them since there are numerous other players betting on the same. It is, therefore, better to stick to those games that come with fixed maximum payouts.

Select Games with the Smallest Jackpots

If you want to increase your chances of winning at slots in the short-term, consider selecting those games that come with the smallest jackpots. With a small jackpot, it will be easier to win. However, a bigger jackpot is harder to hit and, therefore, you might end up losing in the short-term. Novelty themed games that come with big jackpots always have the worst odds, which is why you should stick to those with smaller returns.

Offline Strategies

Although the probability of winning a big amount of money on slot machines is low, there are some casino betting strategies you can use to enhance your chances of winning at slots. These are highlighted next.

One Play Strategy

This is one of the easiest and most effective strategies when it comes to slots. The idea is playing the slot machine one time using the highest amount possible. If you happen to win, you go on and play again, if you don’t, you quit and play on another machine. Although this is a simple strategy, it requires luck. However, it will help you avoid sitting at a single machine for extended periods.

Standard Deviation Strategy

This is a mathematical strategy that uses an advanced equation to help determine the best winning chances on a given machine. It requires concentration, patience and money in order to complete but it comes with guaranteed returns. To use this strategy, you should follow the following steps:

• Get a machine that can receive the exact amount relating to the number of coins you normally bet on a line. This means that, if you normally get 20 coins returned after using a 2 coin, you should, therefore, get 80 coins for an 8 coin bet.

• Next, get the range of spins between wins. This can be done by playing until you win and repeating the cycle as you count the maximum number of spins between these wins.

• Once you have come up with this number of spins between your wins for around 10 minutes, you will be in a position to determine the average spins between the wins, which you can then take advantage of on a high payout machine.

Final remarks and where to learn more about online casinos

It should be made perfectly clear that betting strategies won’t increase your odds or chances of winning. They are a fun way to add some extra excitement, nothing more and nothing less. Also, remember to play responsibly and pick a strategy that suits your budget. If this article sparked your interest and you want to learn even more about UK online casinos, we recommend topcasinosites.co.uk.